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Attendance Policy Changes


The Board believes that the right to attend public school places upon students the accompanying responsibility to be faithful in attendance. Regular attendance is essential for a student’s successful progress in the instructional program. Failure to comply with attendance procedures can result in Educational Neglect and Truancy, Title 16-28-12, Code of Alabama.

All Hoover policies and procedures are in alignment with Alabama State Law. Regular school attendance and arriving on time is the responsibility of both the student and the parent (in the case of children under 17 years of age). Nothing hinders student success more than absences, tardies, and check ins/check outs. Nine (9) excused absences per year and nine (9) excused check ins/check outs per semester is the maximum number of parent notes that can be excused. Each case will be evaluated on an individual basis. Illness, when supported by a physician verification, may be considered as a mitigating circumstance. If you need further explanation of the policies, please contact your school’s registrar or principal.

Excused Absences

Absences are excused for the following reasons:

  1. Illness
  2. Death in the immediate family
  3. Inclement weather
  4. Legal quarantine
  5. Emergency conditions as determined by the Principal/Designee or Superintendent/Designee
  6. Permission of Principal and consent of parent

When a student returns, the parent must provide in writing within three (3) days of the student’s return to school an excuse which includes the following:

  • A written statement from the parent or doctor stating the reason for the absence
  • A doctor’s notes must:
    • Be submitted on official practice letterhead/excuse or similar document from their CURRENT employing practice
    • Be signed by the physician or authorized practice employee
    • List the date of treatment/exam, address and telephone number of the practice
    • Days requested to be excused while under the doctors care
    • Excused days must reflect doctors direction not parent request
    • Student must be a “Patient on Record”
  • The date of the absence(s)
  • The parent’s signature

After nine (9) absences in a year, Hoover City Schools may not excuse other absences unless verified by a physician explanation.  A form for anticipated absences can be found on the school’s website.

Unexcused Absences

Absences are unexcused for the following:

  1. The student and parent fail to provide the above EXCUSED ABSENCE written statement with required information to the school officials within 3 days (including the return date) of the student’s return to school;
  2. The student has been suspended

**For unexcused absences, the student may only be permitted to receive credit for makeup work for major tests/assignments.

**Suspension -School days missed as a result of suspension are considered unexcused for the purposes of making up work; however, a suspended student will have the opportunity to make up and receive credit for major projects and tests (not daily assignments, homework, or quizzes). Grade level counselors will work with teachers to determine assignments that will be accepted and will communicate this to students. Students will have 3 days from the last day of the suspension to turn in assignments to their teachers at their base school. If a student is placed in Crossroads Alternative School (2C), the student is generally suspended 1-3 days prior to the placement. The student is responsible for completing the work missed during the time of suspension and getting the agreed upon work to the base school within the 3 day period.

Excessive Absences

If unexcused absences total five (5) days or more during the school year (not semester), the student may be referred to the District’s Office of Attendance. Hoover’s Student Services Representative and the Principal will proceed with the following:

  1. investigate the reasons for the excessive absences
  2. meet with parent(s) and student to resolve the attendance problem
  3. refer the parent and student to the Early Warning Court of the student’s school zone and follow all policies and laws concerning truancy

Once truancy has been filed, all further actions reside with the Judge of Juvenile Court. The Driver Improvement Unit of the Driver’s License Division in the Department of Public Safety will be notified of students who have more than ten (10) consecutive or fifteen (15) cumulative unexcused absences during a single semester and/or students who drop out of school under the age of nineteen (19). This notification is required by Alabama Code 16-28-40 (School Enrollment Law) and will result in suspending or denying the license or permit of the student.


Being tardy to school greatly affects student success and routine. Tardy is defined as: Middle and High – Students not in their classroom when the bell rings are considered tardy. Students that are tardy should be checked in before going to class. Students that leave (check out) before the school day is fully completed (based on individual’s class schedule) are considered tardy. Check ins and check outs are recorded on the attendance profile as subsections of tardy. Once fifteen (15) unexcused tardies have accumulated during the school year, referral will be made to District Office and the same Early Warning Court procedures may apply. The school may also impose disciplinary procedures for excessive tardies. Tardies are considered excused for the same reason(s) as excused student absences. Excessive absences and tardies may result in a home visit from the School Resource Officer – Hoover Police Department and/or the Student Services Representative.

Check outs

While checkouts from school are discouraged by the Board, necessary checkouts must be processed by the parent through the school’s office. The Board encourages that appointments not of a critical nature be scheduled for times and days when school is not in session. Checkouts are considered excused for the same reasons as excused absences. An unexcused checkout will be treated as a tardy. When severe weather conditions exist, parents are asked to comply with emergency schooldismissal procedures established by building level administrators.

What to Expect for Excessive Absences and Tardies:

  • A warning letter will be sent from the student’s school.
  • A School Administrative Meeting will be held.
  • A home visit may be made by a School Resources Officer-Hoover Police Department and/or Student Services Representative.
  • Continued excessive absences and/or tardies will require a parent/legal custodian to attend a district attendance intervention/meeting.
  • Continued excessive absences and/or tardies will require a parent/legal custodian, along with the student if over 10 years old, to attend Early Warning Court in that school’s jurisdiction.
  • After attending Early Warning Court, if excessive absences and/or tardies continue, a petition for Educational Neglect and/or Truancy will be issued to the courts.